Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Saturday and Sunday were kicked-back days of just staying local and mingling. This photo is of Sonya on the Keiki Express, a homemade tractor train made for the school fair fundraiser in Hana. Sonya LOVES trains, and rode this contentedly around the school grounds countless times. Cam and I did our part in support by purchasing kid made chili dogs (a bowl of rice with a hotdog and chili on top) and dancing to the live music (like yodeling harmonica player singing about broken down trucks on the windey Hana road). We had a great time, and people are actually starting to recognize us as those 'vacationers who just won't leave.' I'm trying to talk Cam into moving here after all of our kids are born (there's no way I'm having a baby at home like most of the people around here! I want drugs, doctors, and doting nurses!). Anyway, Cam would make a great school teacher, and Hana has NO BAKERY at all. I could set up a road-side shop and make a killing off tourists.

Sunday was a church day. After services, we were invited over to dine with a family of visitors to Hana. It was a huge house overlooking the ocean, and the food was fantastic. Sonya ran around playing with kids, while Cam and I enjoyed a private concert with Peter Breinholt (a very well known folk artist, apparently). It was soooooo pretty. He has a whole collection of his music on line if you want to take a look: http://www.peterbreinholt.com/

On a separate note, we took this beautiful picture. It is either a photo of the surface of Mars taken at the Volcano astrological observatory, or it's my peeling skin from my back and shoulder sunburn. Your choice...


  1. "You wear flowers, that's the funny thing ..."

  2. DAAAAAMN! That's all I can say about that last pic—DAAAAAMN!!!