Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Volcanoes National Park

Yesterday was Monday, March 15th. It was a special day in that Miah would have been 5 months old. We decided to celebrate by spending the day in the heavens, as high as we could get to be with our little princess. We took a small little plane over to the Big Island to play in Volcanoes National Park (it is considered the highest mountain in the world when measured from it's base on the ocean floor. We had a nice time seeing the volcano and old lava fields, but we wish we had more time to spend in the park.

On our flight back, we saw a super pretty sun set. It set super slow as we chased the horizon. It was a nice day in the heavens. I suppose there will never really come a day when we don't think about Miah, and how old she would be if she were with us, or what she is doing at the moment. That's not a bad thing.


  1. What a beautiful day to spend together! I used to live on the Big Island and this post made me miss it :)

  2. Camo and I were just talking about Miah today! She's just an unforgettable girl :-) Stoked you guys are having so much fun!!!

  3. what a beautiful and fantastic way to be with your miah! :)